Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Commercial Dye vs Food Dye

I started this at the behest of friend who wanted me to share my journey into the complex and exciting world of yarn dyeing!
Ok so first thing I wanted to really learn was what are really the differences between the different kinds of dye.

So without further ado:
Commercial Acid dyes:
have more color saturation, for a deeper richer color
require less dye to get vibrant shades
some colors contain metals
have dyes that last longer for less fading over time?
require special pots and glassware

food dyes McCormick or Wilton :
food safe, no heavy metals or other unsafe chemicals
can be dyed with regular pots and pans
sometimes have softer, less intense colors that are more likely to fade over time

save for use with yarns and clothes
use white vinegar or citric acid as the acid.

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