Friday, February 10, 2012

My Love of camel hair yarn!

Camel Hair Scarf from Kouture Crochet
Camel hair year is one of the most amazing fibers.

The price is slightly less than cashmere.

It is stronger than cashmere, wool or even alpaca.

Warmer than cashmere.

Camel hair has great longevity with some camel hair rugs being hundreds of years old.

Camel is lighter than wool.

Camel hair as soft as medium to high quality merino wool.

Usually sold undyed or in neutral shades.

Camel hair yarn has some thing few other fibers have it is thermostatic. This means that it retains heat in cold weather, and helps you keep cool in warm weather preventing you from over heating. This makes camel hair fiber ideal for coats, scarves, ties and sports coats.

The end result is a versitile, warm luxury fiber that stands out in a crowd.

50% Camel Hair/50% Alpaca
I use it for scarves and ties. My favorite camel product is the Camel/Alpaca Scarf. It has all the qualities of camel but with alpaca for softness.

At some point soon to dye a skein of camel!

Until next time!

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  1. Well, I sure learned a lot! This is SO informative. Over the years my mother made me several items in camel hair and I never knew any of this. I plan to have a fun discussion with her tonight. She is 86 years old and still knits. Her most recent item was a beautiful Christmas stocking for our newest member of the family, her great granddaughter. I know one thing she really misses is the old yarn shops. Good luck to you!