Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FIrst Dye Job!

Dyeing yarn is not as hard nor as expensive we might think.

In fact you can do it easily for just $0.50. The cost of some UNSWEETENED Kool Aid. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners of any kind.  Yep thats all you need to purchase next time you go to the grocery store because you most likely have everything else you need.
So WHAT do you need to dye yarn with Kool Aid?
  • a working stove (heat)
  • yarn (fiber)
  • white vinegar (acid)
  • unsweetened Kool Aid with bright colors (color)
Rebecca from Chem Knits via this youtube via taught me to do my first dye job.
And this was my FIRST dye job.

And this was my FIRST dye job.
Top: Undyed

Bottom: Dyed

I created this lovely color by mixing two different colors together.  The result was so amazing and EASY that i was HOOKED on dyeing!

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