Saturday, February 4, 2012

Space Dyeing w Food Coloring Merino/Silk with yellow/orange/red food coloring.

Good evening,  one of the most fun things to do is to space dye yarn. 
(Space dyed) sections of the yarn are dyed in different colors resulting in a fabric with a multi-color effect
So again I turned to Rebecca from ChemKnits. I started with a goal, a golden orange yarn with flecks of red and yellow.  First thing is I followed the directions for the first dye style we saw earlier using my two base colors this makes the orange.

I knew I was not using enough to get exactly what I want.  thats ok.  Using two of the bowls shown i mixed two more dye baths, one that is most yellow and one that is mostly red. To keep track you have three different dye mixes going on. You have the light orange that is heating in the pot, one small bowl with most red, and one with mostly yellow.  Now we prep the yarn for regular dyeing.  Its not a lot of color in the pot so it doesnt take long for the yarn to absorb all the orange dye. Now for back to Rebecca from Chem Knits:

Using the space dying you will pour some mostly red and some mostly yellow in the way she showed here.  now my pot looks like this:

The flash hides the variables but you will see that the top of picture looks more yellow and the bottom looks more red! Good!
Now we finish up, and look at this:
I wound it up into a ball. 

This is going to make some AMAZING ties.  I cant wait!

I want to try this Jacquard dyes but i dont know if the affect will be the same.  Anyway enjoy!

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