Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hand Dye Silk Green Liquid food dye

POW!! As promised we start with my successful green yarn dye job.

Different fibers are easier or harder to get to take the dye.  Silk is supposed to be the hardest, so for my 3rd dye job I purchased some 50%merino/ 50%silk. Yes you are supposed to wait but I learned some important things from my fail:
  • Dont be afraid to add a LOT of food coloring, its cheap and harmless
  • Liquid food dye works the same as unsweetened koolaid
  • Heat Sets the color so a low heat over at least 10-20minutes
  • Dont be afraid to mix more color and add it to the pot if the color is not bright enough.
So with all these things in mind was ready to start with the wool/silk blend.
This time I added more vinegar and much more color to the bath.  I wanted a more spring green color so i used the green dye with a few drops of yellow.  I mixed more color into the pot than i thought i would need.  Turns out i had just enough
In the end i got a good rich spring green with flecks of  dark green and yellow green: Exactly what I wanted!

YAY!!! I think this should make about 3 ties so look for those in the store in the next few weeks.

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